About us

About Dioraphte

The Dioraphte Foundation (Stichting Dioraphte) is a Dutch charitable fund that supports charities in six countries: the Netherlands, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan and Malawi. In 2014, 192 projects were awarded a total of twelve million euros.

The Dioraphte Foundation has been active since 2002 and legally merged since 4 September 2015 with the Liberty Foundation (Stichting Liberty), active since 1995, the Dyke Reinforcement Foundation (Stichting Dijkverzwaring), active since 1997, and Stichting Continuendo MusartE Foundation, active since 2004. 

Board Members

mr. drs. Arnold R.J. Croiset van Uchelen - chair
Bernard E.M.M. Uyttendaele - treasurer
drs. Jacqueline Detiger
Glenda I. Nühn-Morris
Dr. Peter B. Mensing

Advisers to the Board

The Dioraphte Foundation uses independent advisers to scout eligible projects and assess and process the applications it receives. Our advisers are:

mr. drs. Antoon Ott - bureau Artilaw > Cultural Heritage
Henk J.Th. van Stokkom* - DoenDenkers > Social Initiatives - Science and Research
drs. Michaela van Wassenaer - Culture Consult > Performing Arts

* Henk J.Th. van Stokkom also serves as the Dioraphte Foundation’s Director of Operations.

Director of Operations

Henk J.Th. van Stokkom - henkvanstokkom@dioraphte.nl - +31 78 635 11 11 


Kuipershaven 169, 
PO Box 255, 3300 AG Dordrecht NL
+31 78 635 22 22


Our foundation’s mission is to provide financial support to organisations in the Netherlands and abroad which support good causes, and whose sole or main objective is to organise projects or activities for the benefit of:

- vulnerable groups within society;
- education;
- health care;
- creating employment opportunities;
- nature and the environment;
- promoting and carrying out scientific research;
- Dutch cultural heritage; and/or
- Dutch Performing Arts,
and any other project or activity either related or conducive to the interests outlined above, in the broadest sense of the words.


For more information about the policies of various sections of Dioraphte, see:

Social Initiatives in Africa
Social Initiatives in the Netherlands
Cultural Heritage
Performing Arts
Science and Research

Year in review

As of 2015 we publish a 'Year in review' report in Dutch > jaarbericht.

Financial report 2016

Dioraphte Foundation’s 2016 annual figures (overview) can be read in Dutch here.

2017 Activities

For 2017 Dioraphte Foundation intends to spend approximately 12 million euros on projects from partners. An amount of 5,4 million euro will be spent on social initiatives in the five African countries where Dioraphte is active.

A small sample...

A small selection of our beneficiaries in the five fields in which we are active:

- Cultural Heritage: Sint-Janskerk in Gouda (for the restoration of the cartoons of its famous stained glass windows), Museum Belvedere (a contribution towards its construction and foundation), Ets Haim (for the restoration of its library) and RKD (for the digitisation of its silver archives)

- Performing Arts: The Theater Festival (The Fringe), the Prinses Christina Concours, De Nederlandse Dansdagen, Go Short Film Festival, Young Adult Literature Award, De Ateliers

- Nature Conservation: African Parks, De Hoge Veluwe National Park , Southern African Wildlife College

- Social Initiatives: Deworm the World, One Acre FundThe Hunger Project, Sabatia Eye Hospital, House of Hope in Rotterdam, Spierziekten Nederland

- Science and Research: Majete Malaria Project, VU Alzheimer CentreKnowledge for ChildrenPanama Disease, SHE Collaborates

Remuneration policy

The Foundation’s current bylaws describe our policy as follows:
‘The board members do not receive any wages, be it directly or indirectly. The word “wages” does not include reasonable reimbursement of expenses incurred on behalf of the Foundation, nor non-excessive fees. The amount of the fees to be paid to the members is determined by the Board. All reimbursements made to members of the Board will be listed as such in the annual statement of accounts and explained.’

Chamber of Commerce – RSIN

Chamber of Commerce file number 17150595
Legal Person and Joint Venture Reference Number (RSIN) 811835054