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How is Dioraphte dealing with the consequences of the new Coronavirus?

The continuing spread of the new coronavirus (SASRSCoV2 – Covid-19) affects many Dioraphte partners and their activities. We explain our policies here.

Activities for which a grant was already given

Some activities need to be changed, postponed or adjusted. The agreements in the grant letter, and related conditions, remain in force. But we’d like to reach a workable solution with you. Please contact your project advisor at Dioraphte.

If you need to postpone an activity, we agree this in principle. For long postponements, we may in some cases ask you for a new application, which we’ll be glad to look at.

If you need to make changes to your activity, we’ll consider this too. In that case we will request a new budget from you and discuss with you the possibility of an adjusted donation.

If an activity is cancelled, or stopped (for example during preparation), the grant will expire, and any advance payments must be repaid. However, costs will often already have been incurred. As a starting point, we are prepared to grant you our pro rata part of those costs as a gift. In any case, we would like to receive an overview in which the actual costs are offset against the budget from the application.