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BICSA To restore a lime kiln to its former glory

In December 2019, the BICSA foundation was established (Foundation for the Preservation of Industrial and Cultural Heritage in the City of Appingedam). There is a striking bottle-shaped building in the city of Appingedam, which was used as a lime kiln until about 1960. BICSA chairman Meijer: ‘We have found that tourists who visit Appingedam, especially those who sail through the city on a tour boat, are very curious about this unusual building and ask if they can visit it. It isn’t far to the lime kiln from the city centre, so tourists visiting the historic centre can also come to the lime kiln’.

The BICSA Foundation will acquire ownership of the monument from the municipality of Appingedam in October 2021. ‘We have developed a plan to restore the lime kiln to its former glory as much as possible, and to make it accessible to the public. Inside the kiln, we want to use panels to visualise the process of making lime out of shells. An old industrial process that the younger generation have no knowledge of whatsoever anymore. We want to bring it to the public’s attention again in this way.’ After the restoration has been completed, the management of the lime kiln will be handed over to Museum Stad Appingedam.