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Dioraphte applies the following general guidelines and criteria:

– The fund provides financial support to Public Interest Organisations in the Netherlands and abroad (ANBIs recognised by the Dutch tax authorities).

– Your application relates to one of the following work areas: Social Initiatives in the Netherlands, Social Initiatives in Africa, Science and Research, Performing Arts or Cultural Heritage.

– No pre-applications can be submitted for the Social Initiatives in Africa portfolio and the Science & Research portfolio. Applicants may submit a complete application only at the invitation of Dioraphte.

– In principle, we provide support through donations. This may be a donation to a project, or it may be organisational funding. We consider two types of award:
• for an unconditional donation, Dioraphte transfers an amount based on a payment request in accordance with the terms conditions of the award; 
• In the case of a maximum donation, the amount that Dioraphte will contribute will be determined on the basis of the budget specified in the application. The final assessment determines the final contribution. This is calculated using the difference between the planned expenditure and the actual expenditure at the time (this can be based on an ‘adjusted’ budget).

– Projects may have a duration of several years.

– The fund has a preference for clearly defined projects. Projects that have already been realised, in whole or in part, during the course of the application process are excluded from support.

– We prefer projects that have widespread public support.

– Projects that run for a few (in general 2 to 4) years can be supported, but the support will not be permanent.

– Operational deficits, non-project related salaries, living expenses, as well as costs related to the day-to-day running of the organisation may also be covered.

– Your application must be clear and transparent (also) in financial terms. You must provide an investment budget (if applicable), an operating budget and a financing plan.

– Dioraphte also provides support through collaboration with other parties, including private foundations.

– We will not consider applications for financial support for individuals.

– Dioraphte does not provide support to governments, government bodies or institutions subsidised directly or indirectly by a government agency.

– Dioraphte does not support any commercial institutions.

– Dioraphte does not support activities or projects with a predominantly political or religious character.

– In principle, the following matters cannot obtain support from Dioraphte;
• purchase, restoration, renovation or new construction of immovable and movable property,
• festivities, participation in and/or organization of symposia, congresses, conferences and the like, publishing books, building websites or producing films and the like.

– You will need to demonstrate at the time of application that you do not have sufficient resources of your own to finance the project. If it emerges at a later stage that you had assets or funds at your disposal, either in your name or in the name of a third party, or any other resources or income when you applied, but did not disclose this in writing then or thereafter; we may withdraw the grant and demand repayment of any financial support granted.

– We will not consider Pre-Applications that you submit by regular email or regular mail (on paper). We will also not consider any Pre-Applications which, in our opinion, do not satisfy the general guidelines and criteria. You will not receive a response from us regarding your pre-application.

– We will only process a Complete Application when one of our advisors has invited you to submit it. Complete Applications received unsolicited by regular email or regular mail (‘on paper’) will not be processed.

– To avoid a build-up of Complete Applications, we do not provide any information on Dioraphte’s meeting schedule. You can submit your application at any time. We will then process it. Please allow for a processing time of approximately six months from the pre-application.

– In all cases, the judgment of the Dioraphte board will be binding in granting an application. There is no right of appeal, even if the board does not want to provide reasons for its decision.

– Dioraphte may seek the advice of a third party on all application and project data provided, without prior consultation and subject to confidentiality.