Cultural Heritage in the Netherlands

We seek projects which have lasting value. Temporary projects, such as exhibitions, symposiums, etc., are not eligible for grants. We prefer projects which could be called vulnerable, i.e. projects that would not be initiated without financial support from third parties and which may not generate mass interest, but are nevertheless sufficiently important to realise.

For real estate projects, we only consider buildings that are not owned by government or local councils. The buildings must have a clear public purpose, such as churches, castles open to the public, and museums.

With regard to cultural objects, Dioraphte does not support the purchase of items for museums.

Publications are only supported in exceptional cases. For example, academic publications, not necessarily aimed at a large audience, whose contents will remain relevant for some time. For example catalogues of collections, or correspondence from artists or writers.

Dioraphte does not support projects of individuals. We do not support applications from or for individual artists to create works.

Important factors are the size of the project’s budget, the financial size of the organisation applying for a grant, and how these two things relate to each other. Dioraphte is interested in sponsoring projects whose budget is medium-sized. For larger projects, Dioraphte’s financial injection will be too insignificant in relation to the total amount needed. Smaller projects are generally of regional rather than national interest.

Dioraphte is actively involved in grant applications in the art sector. We also initiate projects and approach potential grant applicants.

Dioraphte will only award grants to organisations which have a certain degree of professionalism. For instance, museums must be listed with the Dutch Museums Register.

Support is provided through donations, which can be:

  • Unconditional donations, where Dioraphte grants an amount based on a request, according to the conditions provided with the grant.
  • Maximum donations, where Dioraphte determines a maximum contribution based on the budget in the request. The final report determines the actual contribution, which is calculated based on the difference between the planned expenditure in the application budget and the actual expenditure.

Adviser - contact Cultureel Heritage

mr. drs. Antoon Ott - Artilaw - - +31 20 6767637

Guidelines and criteria

The Dioraphte Foundation (the Fund) applies the following guidelines and criteria:

  • The Fund provides financial support to organisations that aim to serve the public in the Netherlands and abroad.
  • The Fund focuses on enabling clearly defined projects. We do not support projects that have been partially or completely realised by the time of the grant application. 
  • We prefer projects that serve a large segment of society.
  • The Fund can support projects with a multi-year term (generally 2 to 4 years), but this support is never permanent. 
  • Our grants may be used to cover operational deficits, wages that are not related to the project at hand, people's livelihoods and costs associated with the day-to-day business of running an organisation.
  • Please ensure that your application comes with clear and well-presented financial data. You must enclose an investment budget (where applicable), an operating budget and a financing scheme.
  • Dioraphte also provides indirect support through co-operation with third parties (including charitable funds).
  • Applications for financial support for the benefit of an individual will not be processed.
  • Dioraphte does not financially support governments, government bodies or organisations that are heavily subsidised by the government (directly or indirectly). 
  • Dioraphte does not support commercial organisations. 
  • Dioraphte does not support activities or projects with of a predominantly political or religious nature.
  • When submitting their applications, applicants must demonstrate that they do not possess the means (or sufficient means) to fund the project themselves. If it transpires at a later date that the applicant at the time of the application possessed capital or funds in their own or in another party's name, or that they had other means or earnings that were not disclosed in writing at the time or afterwards, the Fund may withdraw its offer of a grant and request restitution of any monies already paid.

In all cases, the Dioraphte Foundation's Board decision is final. No appeal is possible. Furthermore, the Board shall not be bound to justify its decision. 

The guidelines outlined above may be subject to revision without prior consultation.

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