Cultural Heritage

Generally, we support projects through monetary donations. 

Dioraphte’s Cultural Heritage section prefers to focus on projects and activities which are, or could become, of great importance to a large number of people from many social strata. Projects supported by Dioraphte may run for several years. 

Regarding location, Dioraphte’s Cultural Heritage section generally focuses on projects and activities undertaken in the Netherlands.

Guidelines and criteria

The Dioraphte Foundation (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Fund’) essentially applies the following general guidelines and criteria:

  • The Fund provides financial support to organisations whose aim is to serve the public in the Netherlands and abroad.
  • The Fund’s support is mainly designed to enable, where possible, clearly defined projects. Generally speaking, we do not support projects that have been partially or completely realised by the time of the grant application. We prefer projects that serve a large segment of society.
  • The Fund sometimes supports projects with a multi-year term (generally 2 to 4 years), but this support is never permanent. Our grants may be used to cover operational deficits, wages that are not related to the project at hand, people’s livelihoods and costs associated with the day-to-day business of running an organisation.
  • Since you are essentially asking the Fund for a financial contribution, please ensure that your application comes with clear and well-presented financial data. We recommend that you enclose (where applicable) an investment budget, an operating budget and a financing scheme.
  • Financial support for projects to be undertaken outside the Netherlands is often but not exclusively provided to applicants who have a representative or office in the Netherlands.  
  • We also indirectly support organisations through co-operation with various third parties (including other charitable funds).
  • We do not consider applications for financial support to be provided to a single individual.
  • We do not financially support governments, government bodies or organisations that are heavily subsidised by the government. Nor do we support commercial organisations. 
  • We do not financially support any activities or projects with very explicit or strong political or religious overtones.
  • When submitting their applications, applicants are required to demonstrate that they do not possess the means (or sufficient means) to fund the project themselves. If it transpires at a later date that the applicant possesses or used to possess capital or funds in their own or in another party’s name, or that they possess or used to possess other means or earnings that were not disclosed in writing at the time of the application or afterwards, the Fund may withdraw its offer of a grant and request restitution of any monies already paid.

In any and all cases, the Dioraphte Foundation’s Board decision – be it favourable or unfavourable – shall be final. Furthermore, the Board shall not be bound to justify its decision. There is no appeal possible.

The guidelines outlined above may be subject to revision without prior consultation.