Merger Message

As of 4 September 2015 the foundations Liberty, Dijkverzwaring, Continuendo MusartE Foundation and Dioraphte have been legally merged. Stichting Dioraphte (Dioraphte Foundation) is the only remaining entity.

All assets, rights and obligations of Liberty, Dijkverzwaring and Continuendo MusartE Foundation have been taken over as per 4 September 2015 by Stichting Dioraphte.

The complete message abouton this merger can be read here.

Open grants from Liberty, Dijkverzwaring & Continuendo MusartE Foundation

Current projects with a grant from Liberty, Dijkverzwaring or Continuendo MusartE Foundation can be settled, under the grant conditions that have been sent to you, with Stichting Dioraphte. Always ( ! ) use the 8-digit projectnumber and the name of the original grant foundation that originally granted in allany future correspondence with Stichting Dioraphte.

For questions on reporting (narrative and financial), as well as payment requests, you can contact Tom van Stokkom -

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For general matters you can contact our COO Henk J.Th. van Stokkom -