Performing Arts in the Netherlands

Performing Arts in the Netherlands

Performing arts in the Netherlands (including film and literature festivals)
Dioraphte supports projects and activities in the professional performing arts: music and music theater (classical and jazz), dance, theater, mixed performing arts festivals and promising new performing arts initiatives. Dioraphte also supports a number of film and literature festivals with a regional or national reach.

In particular, Dioraphte is looking for projects and activities that ensure development and renewal of the performing arts, or activities that develop professional performing talent in The Netherlands.

The awards policy does not cover: regular performing arts or film productions as core activities of an organization, amateur art, cultural education or welfare projects.

Grants Policy

Preference is given to projects and activities that ensure innovation or enrich professional performing arts. For example: festivals for dance, theater, music or mixed performing arts with a national or regional reach. Or projects that provide an impulse for the performing arts, such as the development of formats or a change of direction such as realizing alternative (digital) play areas.

Dioraphte also wants to promote the development of new talent in The Netherlands (professional makers and performers). Particularly talent/maker development schemes, competitions, and performing arts festivals aimed at supporting young talent. Professionalization and digitization of organizations that focus on the influx and promotion of talent are also eligible for support from Dioraphte.

Dioraphte only provides financial support to professional organizations. Other important factors are: the size of the project budget, the financial size of the applicant organization and the relationship between the two. Dioraphte seeks mid-size projects. For large projects, a financial contribution from Dioraphte would be too small compared to the total budget. For small projects, these are often local initiatives, instead of regional or national ones.

The awards policy does not include:
- stage or film productions or performing arts activities outside the Netherlands as an organization’s main activity
- amateur art
- cultural education
- welfare projects

Guidelines and criteria regarding Performing Arts

The Dioraphte Foundation (the Fund) applies the following guidelines and criteria:

  • The Fund provides financial support to organisations that aim to serve the public in the Netherlands (and are registered ANBI).
  • The Fund focuses on enabling clearly defined projects. We do not support projects that have been partially or completely realised by the time of the grant application. 
  • The Fund can support projects with a one to two year lifecycle, but this support is never permanent.
  • Projects with a regional or national impact and image are preferred.
  • Our grants may be used to cover operational deficits, wages that are not related to the project at hand, people's livelihoods and costs associated with the day-to-day business of running an organisation.
  • Please ensure that your application comes with clear and well-presented financial data. You must enclose an investment budget (where applicable), an operating budget and a financing scheme.
  • Dioraphte also provides indirect support through co-operation with third parties (including charitable funds).
  • Applications for financial support for the benefit of an individual will not be processed.
  • Dioraphte does not financially support governments, government bodies or organisations that are heavily subsidised by the government (directly or indirectly). 
  • Dioraphte does not support commercial organisations. 
  • Dioraphte does not support activities or projects with of a predominantly political or religious nature.
  • When submitting their applications, applicants must demonstrate that they do not possess the means (or sufficient means) to fund the project themselves. If it transpires at a later date that the applicant at the time of the application possessed capital or funds in their own or in another party's name, or that they had other means or earnings that were not disclosed in writing at the time or afterwards, the Fund may withdraw its offer of a grant and request restitution of any monies already paid.

Preliminary applications can be done via the link on page below. We will not respond to preliminary applications that do not fit with our Guidelines & Criteria and we will not respond to (preliminary) applications submitted by regular e-mail or on paper.

In all cases, the Dioraphte Foundation's Board decision is final. No appeal is possible. Furthermore, the Board shall not be bound to justify its decision. 

The guidelines outlined above may be subject to revision without prior consultation.

Performing Arts Preliminary Application

First submit a preliminary application

You must first submit a preliminary application. Use the box 'Brief description of your application' to give concise information about:

  • Your organisation
  • Objectives of your application and the extent to which they fit in with Dioraphte's grant policy
  • Expected results
  • Total costs involved
  • Amount requested from Dioraphte

Depending on the planned board meetings, our response can take a few days or a few weeks.

After you receive a positive response to your preliminary application, you can submit a complete application (see below under 'Submit a complete application').

A complete application will only be taken into consideration if one of our advisers has invited you to submit it.

Submit preliminary Application

Submit a complete application

If you've been invited by our advisers to submit a complete application, please ensure your application meets the conditions described in the following link. If you are not invited to submit a complete application, it is not possible to object to this.

Criteria for complete application

The general terms and conditions for grants can be viewed via the following link.

General terms and Conditions of Grant Awards


Adviser - contact Performing Arts

drs. Lonneke Regter - Musonia - 

Project administration (requests - reports - payment requests)

After you receive an invitation from the advisor of the board to submit a complete application, you can send your complete application to Inge van Stokkom - van Veen -

Reports and payment requests can also be mailed to -

Unsolicited proposals and requests sent to are not appreciated, and you will not receive a response to those.

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