Performing Arts in the Netherlands

First submit a preliminary application

You must first submit a preliminary application. Use the box 'Brief description of your application' to give concise information about:

  • Your organisation
  • Objectives of your application and the extent to which they fit in with Dioraphte's grant policy
  • Expected results
  • Total costs involved
  • Amount requested from Dioraphte

Depending on the planned board meetings, our response can take a few days or a few weeks.

After you receive a positive response to your preliminary application, you can submit a complete application (see below under 'Submit a complete application').

A complete application will only be taken into consideration if one of our advisers has invited you to submit it.

Submit preliminary Application

Submit a complete application

If you've been invited by our advisers to submit a complete application, please ensure your application meets the conditions described in the following link. If you are not invited to submit a complete application, it is not possible to object to this.

Criteria for complete application

The general terms and conditions for grants can be viewed via the following link.

General terms and Conditions of Grant Awards