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Cello Sonata Netherlands We'll never let you down

‘We’ll never let you down was clearly made with a lot of love and the music and singing are outstanding’.

Theatre platform Theaterkrant

Stichting Cellosonate Nederland, or Dutch Foundation for the Cello Sonata, has been created to perform and stimulate the performance of Dutch chamber music. We’ll never let you down is a chamber opera for baritone, piano and acting cellist. The opera is about the tragic life of Jacqueline du Pré (1945 – 1987), a British musician who is considered to have been one of the greatest cellists of her time. ‘Much to our delight, the performance has just had its premiere at the Amsterdam Cello Biennial in October 2020,’ says founder, cellist and actress Doris Hochscheid. ‘Well, actually… it was an online streaming. Even though playing to an empty concert hall can be difficult, it went very well. The camera crew were very well prepared and we learned afterwards that we’d had two thousand viewers. That was more than we could have squeezed into the hall! One advantage of the livestream premiere, which will be online for a while yet, is that we were able to approach a number of venues again that were previously hesitant about programming our show. This resulted in some extra performances.’