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Leiden Shorts Short films with power to change

Leiden Shorts is the second largest short film festival in the Netherlands, which usually takes place in May/June. The programme includes short films in every genre, as well as lectures, workshops and multimedia events. Leiden Shorts is a socially engaged festival with a very strong awareness about the role and transformative power of film. The theme in 2020 was ‘Climate (In)Justice’.

Untapped talent

Producer Anastasia Raevskaia: ‘2020 was an extraordinary year for us. In March, due to COVID-19, we were forced to postpone the festival until September, while we had to make adjustments to part of our programming; some events were cancelled or changed into digital events.

Short film is a medium that gives a voice to under-represented communities and hidden talent. We receive many films from countries such as Iran and an ever-increasing number from African and South American countries. The short film often has a short lifespan, as there is limited opportunity for it in the mainstream film market. Short films produced in 2019 that are not screened at festivals in 2020 are unlikely to be screened in 2021. For this reason, we are grateful and thrilled that we were able to organise a physical festival this year.’