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North Sea Round Town Flywheel for jazz careers

North Sea Round Town is the stand-alone fringe festival around North Sea Jazz. The festival programme includes a wide range of new music projects, young talent, new compositions and innovative forms of presentation. By presenting and supporting this young talent, North Sea Round Town functions as a flywheel in the development of their careers.

Director Michelle Wilderom: ‘The festival in 2021 provided ample opportunities for award-winning young Dutch talent, which included Rotterdam-based musicians such as Peter Somuah (Erasmus Jazz Prize), Sanne Rambags (Edison), Yanna Pelser (Grote Prijs van Rotterdam, Sena Performers), and Tijn Wybenga with his AM.OK orchestra who is an alumnus of the Bimhuis Makerstraject residency. The Artist in Focus for 2021 should also be highlighted. We asked Sun Mi-Hong to tell us about her dream project; a long-standing wish that we wanted to make come true. With Dance in Four Colours, she achieved her dream. With contemporary jazz music, she was able to build a bridge towards modern dance, together with Dansateliers, led by choreographer Joseph Simons.’