Science and Research in the Netherlands

Terms and Conditions of Grant Awards Preliminary Application

First submit a Preliminary Application

Please complete a preliminary application first, then wait for us to respond.

Use the box 'Brief description of the project for which you are applying for a grant' to give concise information about:

  • Your organisation
  • Objectives of your application
  • Expected results
  • Total costs involved
  • Amount requested from Dioraphte

Depending on the planned board meetings, our response can take a few days to a few weeks.

Once you have received a favourable response to your preliminary application, please submit a complete application by email (see below under How to submit a Complete Application).

We will not respond to applications submitted by regular e-mail or on paper.

A Complete Application will only be taken in to consideration after a favourable response by our advisor based on your preliminary application. 

How to submit a Complete Application

You should submit a complete application in one PDF file, with a filename that includes the name of your organisation, project name and date of application (abbreviated if necessary), to

Note: Do not send a copy to other Dioraphte email addresses.

The application should be accompanied by a cover letter that contains a short description of:

  1. Your organisation and the total annual budget (income/expenditures)
  2. The project
  3. Expected results
  4. The total amount needed for the activity/project and the amount requested from Dioraphte.

If any additional information is required (see below), please send it to us in a separate PDF file.

Items which cannot be sent by email (e.g. books or large-sized materials for publication) can only be sent after consultation to the Foundation’s postal address (see ‘contact’) 

You will receive an email within ten days, confirming the receipt of your application. This will contain the date on which your application will be discussed by the Board. If you do not receive such a confirmation email, contact us.

Additional information required as part of the complete application (to be forwarded in separate files preferably in PDF);

  • A copy of a recent Chamber of Commerce certificate, not older than 1 year.
  • Copies of your organisation’s articles of association or bylaws.
  • A copy of your organisation’s ANBI (charitable fund) certificate or Inland Revenue Service’s confirmation of your organisation’s charitable fund status, where applicable.
  • Your organisation’s most recent annual & financial report, along with a statement provided by your accountant, drawn up in accordance with the Guideline Governing Fund-Raising Organisations. Alternatively, you may submit an accountant’s audit report or historical financial data compilation, but we would prefer an annual report.
  • A copy of a CBF-issued statement confirming that there are no known objections to your organisation; or a copy of a CBF-issued quality mark (only for organisations which collect money from the public nation-wide).
  • A list of all charitable funds to whom you have applied for financial support for your project, as well as the outcomes of those applications (financing scheme). Please ensure that your list is up to date and dated.
  • Your organisation’s complete annual budget for the current fiscal year.
  • If you are using the services of a fund raiser or fund-raising agency (which you may or may not have hired temporarily), we would like to know the estimated costs of this fund-raising with regard to your application.

You will receive written notice of the Board’s decision, along with a copy of the terms and conditions of grant awards where applicable, within ten days of the Board’s meeting.

If we require further information, we will put your application on hold, and you will have to discuss your application with with Henk J.Th. van Stokkom, - +31 78 635 11 11 who is also the person to contact if you wish to receive more information as to why your application was rejected.

General information

By submitting a complete application, you agree to having all the information you submit with regard to your application and your organisation placed at the disposal of the Dioraphte Foundation’s Board and advisers. You also agree to our possibly requesting information from parties with whom we know (or have found out) you have previously applied for a grant. Please submit your complete application to us at least 25 working days before a scheduled meeting. If any appendices are missing from your application (without prior notice or explanation), your incomplete application will be put on hold until such time as we have received all the requested items. Please note that we are entitled to reschedule meetings without notice. Also note that we do not return any information submitted to us.