Social Initiatives in the Netherlands

First submit a preliminary application

You must first submit a preliminary application. Use the box 'Brief description of your application' to give concise information about:

  • Your organisation
  • Objectives of your application
  • Expected results
  • Total costs involved
  • Amount requested from Dioraphte

Depending on the planned board meetings, our response can take a few days or a few weeks.

After you receive a positive response to your preliminary application, you can submit a complete application (see below under 'Submit a complete application').

A complete application will only be taken into consideration if one of our advisers has invited you to submit it.

Submit preliminary Application

Submit a complete application

If you've been invited by our advisers to submit a complete application, please ensure your application meets the conditions described in the following link .

Criteria for complete application

The general terms and conditions for grants can be viewed via the following link.

General terms and Conditions of Grant Awards