Performing Arts in the Netherlands

Terms and Conditions of Grant Awards

If you are awarded a grant, you will receive a copy of the following terms and conditions.

1. The project applicant must accept the Grant within six weeks of the date of the Grant Award Letter from Dioraphte Foundation, by emailing If this confirmation is not provided, the Grant will expire.

2. By accepting the Grant, the Grantee agrees with these Grant Conditions.

3. A commitment to award a Grant will expire if a payment is not requested within one year after the date of the Grant Award Letter.

4. A Grant will expire, in whole or in part, if the full Grant is not requested within three years after the date of the Grant Award Letter.

5. A Grant expires, in whole or in part, if the project applicant no longer satisfies these Grant Conditions.

6. A Grant expires, in whole or in part, when the project for which funding has been granted does not proceed, or only partially, or when the scope of the project changes during its execution.

7. A Grant expires, in whole or in part, if in the opinion of the board of Dioraphte Foundation, the financial reporting for the project fails to comply with commonly accepted practices.

8. A Grant expires in part if it appears that the Grant awarded to a project is not needed in full.

9. All payments from Dioraphte Foundation take place on substantiated payment requests from the project applicant. Payment requests directed to Dioraphte (pdf scan on your organisation's letterhead with authorised signature) must reference Dioraphte's project number, together with the requested sum and bank details of the project applicant.

10. The project applicant must allow for a payment period of around six weeks.

11. In the case of a one-time Grant, Dioraphte Foundation will in the first instance pay a maximum of 90% of the Grant awarded. The remaining 10% will be paid on receipt of the related payment request and a substantive and financial End of Grant Report for the project.

12. For payments for projects extending over a number of years, the project applicant should submit a payment schedule. On acceptance of this payment schedule by Dioraphte Foundation, the Grant will be paid in instalments on the basis of interim reports for the project.

13. After a project is finished the final narrative and financial report must be submitted to Dioraphte within 13 weeks.

14. Dioraphte Foundation may at any time request an external chartered accountant to conduct an audit regarding the utilisation of payments made by it to a project. The project applicant shall cooperate fully and provide all information requested to facilitate the smooth and efficient execution of the audit. In the event of poor management of payments made by Dioraphte, the latter has the right to charge the costs of an audit to the project applicant.

15. All correspondence including payment requests, should reference the Dioraphte project number and be sent to:

16. Dioraphte Foundation declares that all details provided relating to the project applicant will be treated confidentially and will only be used for the purpose for which they were provided. Dioraphte Foundation may without prior consultation, subject to confidentiality, request advice from a third party regarding all project details provided.