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How can I submit an application?

You must use the digital application form to submit an application.

How do I create an account?

To use the application portal, you must first create an account by registering. The account will become active after confirmation via the email you receive after registration.

Where can I find the digital application form?

The digital application form can be found site by logging into My Account.

Why am I not receiving the confirmation email for the application portal?

The e-mail address to which the confirmation is sent is always the same as the e-mail address used to create the account. In some cases, the confirmation email ends up in junk mail/spam. In that case, you can still confirm. If you are unable to confirm after this check, please contact us at

Can someone else from our organization use my application portal?

No, an account is personal. However, it is possible to have multiple people with an account within an organisation. The applicant for a project is also always the person with the account. An applicant can submit multiple applications under his/her account.

What do I do if I have forgotten my password from the application portal?

On the home screen of the application portal, you can set a new password by clicking forgot password.

Can I change my/our contact details?

Yes you can if you click on ‘edit profile’. To change an email address, please send a request to

Can I send a message (with attachments) via the application portal?

Yes, in the application form screen you will find a tab with Messages in the left column.

I want to use a specific application form from the fund.

At the top of the bar you will find different forms under new application.

How do I submit a payment request?

In the screen of the application form you will find a tab with Payment Request in the left column. If you have received a grant from the fund, you can submit a request for an advance or a settlement according to the terms of the fund.