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We only invite applications from organisations that have been active in Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, and/or Malawi for at least five years and which have an annual budget of approximately €250,000 or more.


We actively search for potential partners and invite them to submit applications. Unfortunately, we are unable to respond to email or postal applications and/or applications that are not submitted to us at our request.

If our advisor has invited you to submit a complete application, you can find the requirements for the complete application listed here.

Dioraphte may, without prior consultation and subject to confidentiality, request advice from a third party on all application and project data provided.

Dioraphte focuses on education, women’s rights, vocational and tertiary education, scholarships (especially local), healthcare including information on reproductive rights, employment in the agricultural sector and within vulnerable groups in other sectors, as well as community building.

Advisor(s) and contact

Henk J.Th. van Stokkom


Contact person *

* Above email address(es) are for questions, not for (preliminary) applications

Project administration (applications – reports – payment requests)

After you have received a request from an advisor to submit a complete application, please send it to Inge van Stokkom – Van Veen

You should also send reports and payment requests to Submitting preliminary applications and unsolicited complete applications to postbus@dioraphte is not appreciated. You will not receive a response.