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The development of professional performing arts talent
Our preference is for projects that promote the influx and advancement of professional performing arts talent. These may include performing arts festivals, competitions or development programs for talent and makers. Concerts and performances are only eligible for support if one of the main objectives is to attract new professional performing arts talent or to help them move on to the next stage. Dioraphte does not provide support for the realization of productions as the primary purpose of an application.

Dioraphte also supports promising new initiatives that will innovate or enrich the professional performing arts and that will provide a boost to the sector. These often include festivals with a national or regional scope.

We do not consider:

  • projects related to amateur art and cultural education, and projects in which culture is used as a means to achieve a social objective;
  • international competitions and activities which mainly involve performing artists from outside the Netherlands;
  • applications for the realization of a series of concerts;
  • applications from organizations without ANBI status.

Dioraphte does not give preference to supporting organizations which receive support from the Basic Infrastructure (BIS). An exception can be made if there is a clear link to the spearhead for the influx and/or advancement of professional performing arts talent and if the project demonstrably cannot be financed from the structural subsidies.

The submission of an application is only made at the invitation of the performing arts advisor and only after a preliminary application has been submitted. In some cases, Dioraphte may approach potential applicants independently. In assessing all applications, Dioraphte considers the extent to which organizations comply with the Fair Practice Code in respect to the fees they pay.

General guidelines and criteria


Your application process with Dioraphte begins with a preliminary application. You can only submit a preliminary application via the link below. Preliminary applications that have been submitted through ‘regular’ email or through the post will not be processed by us.

Dioraphte applies the following guidelines and criteria. In addition, there are specific criteria for each field of work which can be found on the corresponding webpages.

  • Dioraphte provides financial support to Public Interest Organisations in the Netherlands and abroad (ANBIs recognised by the Dutch tax authorities). We do not support any commercial institutions, nor do we consider applications for financial support for individuals.
  • The application is related to one of the following work areas: Social Initiatives in the Netherlands, Performing Arts or Cultural Heritage. For Social Initiatives in Africa and Science & Research we do not accept unsolicited proposals. It is by invition only. 
  • Preliminary applications can only be submitted through our online portal. We will only process a Complete Application when one of our advisors has invited you to submit it in response to your preliminary application. The Complete Application must be submitted within 6 months at the latest, otherwise the invitation will expire.
  • The fund has a preference for clearly defined projects. Projects that have already been realised, in whole or in part, during the course of the application process are excluded from support. We prefer projects that have widespread public support.
  • Projects may have a duration of several years. Projects that run for a few (in general 2 to 4) years can be supported, but the support will never have a permanent character.
  • The application must be clear and transparent in financial terms. You must provide an investment budget (if applicable), an operating budget and a financing plan. Operational deficits, non-project related salaries, living expenses, as well as costs related to the day-to-day running of the organisation may also be covered.
  • The applicant needs to demonstrate at the time of application that you do not have sufficient resources of your own to finance the project. If it emerges at a later stage that you had assets or funds at your disposal, either in your name or in the name of a third party, or any other resources or income when you applied, but did not disclose this in writing then or thereafter; we may withdraw the grant and demand repayment of any financial support granted.
  • Dioraphte has chosen not to provide support to governments, government bodies or institutions subsidised directly or indirectly by a government agency. We also do not support activities or projects with a predominantly political or religious character.
  • Dioraphte also provides support through collaboration with other parties, including various foundations.



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Project administration (applications – reports – payment requests)

All communication between applicants and Dioraphte is through this portal.