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Dioraphte Foundation is a charitable fund that supports good causes in five countries: The Netherlands, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and Malawi.

The Foundation legally merged with the Liberty Foundation (Stichting Liberty), the Dyke Reinforcement Foundation (Stichting Dijkverzwaring) and Stichting Continuendo MusartE Foundation on 4 September 2015. The first foundation, Stichting Liberty, was established in 1995.

Our Mission

Dioraphte provides financial support to non-profit institutions at home and abroad, whose sole purpose or main objective is organising projects or activities that benefit

  • vulnerable groups within society;
  • education;
  • healthcare;
  • employment;
  • scientific research;
  • Dutch cultural heritage;
  • Dutch performing arts.

Our budget

In 2022, Dioraphte intends to spend approximately €14,500,000 on projects: around €4.5 million on social initiatives in our core countries in Africa, €3.5 million on social initiatives in the Netherlands, €3 million on science and research, €2 million on the performing arts and €1.5 million on cultural heritage.

Board Members

Mr. drs. Arnold R.J. Croiset van Uchelen


Bernard E.M.M. Uyttendaele


Drs. Jacqueline Detiger


Glenda I. Nühn-Morris


Drs. Peter B. Mensing


Directors and Advisors to the Board

Jasmijn Melse

Jasmijn Melse

Director of Operations

Science and Research

Mijke Godschalk

Performing Arts

Antoon Ott


Cultural Heritage

Mustapha Charifi

MC Management & Advies

Social initiatives in The Netherlands

*Henk J.Th. van Stokkom will stop as Director of Operations and as coordinator of Science and Research at the end of 2021. Per January 1st, 2022 Jasmijn Melse will be the new Director of Operations and coordinator of Science and Research.

Director of Operations

Jasmijn Melse


Jasmijn Melse

Our policies

For more information on the policies in the focus areas:

Social Initiatives in Africa
Social Initiatives in the Netherlands
Science and Research
Performing Arts
Cultural Heritage

Our remuneration policy

The charter of the foundation states:
‘The directors shall not receive any remuneration, either directly or indirectly. The term ‘remuneration’ does not include a reasonable reimbursement for expenses incurred on behalf of the foundation and an attendance fee that is not excessive. The amount shall be determined by the Board. All remunerations paid to the directors are included and disclosed as such in the annual financial report.’


Lentink De Jonge

Financial Administration

Jac’s den Boer & Vink

Annual publications

Since 2015 Dioraphte publishes an annual review.

Financial overview 2021

Read the financial overview 2021 of Stichting Dioraphte here.

Chamber of Commerce – RSIN

Chamber of Commerce file number 17150595
RSIN (identification number for legal entities and associations) 811835054

Dioraphte is a member of:

Fondsen voor ouderen (Funds for the Elderly)
Big Bang Philanthropy
FIN The board of the Dioraphte Foundation declares that it complies with the FIN Good Governance Standards and has submitted the Annual Declaration of Compliance with the FIN Good Governance Standards, which is reviewed periodically.